Biggar Golf club was established on 13th June,1895.  At that time the golf course was "laid out" on high ground about a mile from the station (Caledonian Railway). Visitors in those days paid one shilling per day, two and six per week or ten shillings for three months. The course was known as "Langlees", the home of Lord and Lady Clydesmuir.

In 1901 a new course was laid out at Heavyside, to the South East of the town. The people of Biggar, still not satisfied, in 1907 decided to hold a bazaar so as to raise £1000 to establish a new golf course and public park which is at the present location. This course of nine holes was opened by Old Tom Morris. In 1922 the course was extended to eighteen holes.

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The Golf Pavilion (Clubhouse) in these days was situated at the North of the course, behind the now fifth green, nearer the town. In the early seventies with the club growing and parking causing problems the club was moved to portacabins at the public park and the pavilion demolished. In the late seventies a new clubhouse was built by Clydesdale District Council, the club taking over the lease in 1980.

The course had a reputation for being "tight" with a SSS of 67. The amateur record of 60 is held by former club champion Steve Callan with the professional record of 63 being held by European tour player Paul Lawrie.


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